Sala Esposizioni

Sala Esposizioni

Multifunctional space: for up to 40 people

Dimensions: 8.45 mt x 13.10 mt

First floor

Surface area: 106 sq m


The room is lying on Roman excavations. Ideal for business meetings, exhibitions and exhibitions.

Particularly suitable for press conferences, training courses and receptions, it has retained the charm of the "nineteenth-century lounge" intact.

One of the features of the room is the fresco by Rivetta (1948) on the ceiling, which depicts the offer of the model of Palazzo Giureconsulti to Pope Pius IV.

It preserves the original barrel structure typical of the basements. Of particular importance is the floor, a perfect reconstruction of the ancient Lombard cotto.

Adjacent to the hall is the ancient decumano, the main street that crossed the city center in Roman times.

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